Stone Mountain police to get points for performance
by Christine Fonville
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A new, points-based system began for Stone Mountain police last week to ensure that officers are doing their jobs, said Police Chief Chancey Troutman. “Unfortunately we’ve had complaints from city council members, citizens and even from some of our officers stating that certain officers are not doing what they’re supposed to do at work,” Troutman said. “Because I’ve received complaints saying the same thing about individual officers sitting in patrol cars on cell phones, doing homew...
House mix-up by DeKalb police leaves homeowner and officer wounded, dog dead
Tama Colson was finishing an evening walk when she saw the police cars speed into her neighborhood. As she approached her home she heard a loud "pop-pop-pop" and saw her neighbors fleeing into thei...
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Column: Drinking the Kool-Aid
Q: Everyone in my family is constantly fiddling with their phones: texting, social media and who knows what else. We get together for dinner on Sundays, and each person is looking down at the phone...
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Confederate Flag
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Should the Confederate flag be displayed on government property?